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Full Video : If you are after a concise article on whether MP3 is really dead, Rebeca Linke of Computerworld sums it all up. However I want to address a broader theme, a follow up to our video (above). When a disruptor gets disrupted, what do we do ? Before I reveal the *premature drum roll* answer, let’s look at the disruptive power of MP3. MP3 contributed to one of the biggest paradigm shifts in the history of entertainment, suddenly with the release of the…Continue Reading “Death of MP3 and What We Can Learn From It.”

Winter is coming. The old families are preparing their troops and poring over strategies in a race to secure their territory before it is invaded by new and unfamiliar forces. The best option might be to bundle up (again) and forge alliances between disciplines, but with internal politics and prevailing trends, that might be hard to pull off in a timely fashion — and impossible to do without sacrificing entire regiments or even divisions. “Game of Thrones” is an apt metaphor for how agencies are…Continue Reading “The Ad Agency of the Future Is Coming. Are You Ready?”

This article was first written in 2015 and updated where appropriate in 2016. 1.0 Innovation Innovation is rapidly moving from the realm of the scientist trying to make an impossible idea a reality, to one that has “emerged to be “the” buzz word amongst Corporates. It promises better products, improved process, and overall corporate glory, and is now rapidly becoming a rallying symbol for corporates and government worldwide. More than a decade ago, Economist Jeffrey Sachs talked about a global ‘innovation divide’, where high-income countries…Continue Reading “State of Innovation in Sri Lanka”

We can all consider ourselves athletes, competing for that gold medal, the praise, the victory, the resulting glory. Since it’s over now we can finally use the words, ‘Gold’ and ‘Victory’. Thank you IOC for imposing Rule 40 which didn’t just mean getting IOC approval on everything Olympic, but also meant a long laundry list of words never to be mentioned on social media for the duration of the games. There were the obvious, ‘Olympics’ and ‘Rio2016’, and really common words like ‘performance’ which were…Continue Reading “Who Were the Olympic Winners on Digital?”

So, “360 degrees” and “Integration” have now been usurped by “Digital” and “Innovation”. While hackathons and accelerators have become go-to strategies for companies who aren’t really sure of what to do in the digital space, Brand Managers have realized that digital and social cannot be relegated to an intern anymore and are scrambling to set up digital and social marketing programs to engage a new generation of consumer. Digital is mainstream and it’s a digital bloodbath out there disguised as a carnival. Marketing today is…Continue Reading “Tomato or Tomato( Toma-toe). Marketing or Digital Marketing, it’s the same difference.”